Host Adam Skuse speaks with Liva Koz and Cruz Ma who, under the banner of Kick the Gong Around, put on exquisitely produced themed events, including parties and markets.
Topics they touch upon include the importance of attention to detail, keeping things interesting through change, staying humble while believing in yourself, never saying sorry, and how to solve a cashflow crisis by throwing a huge party.
Click here to visit the Kick The Gong Around website.
Recorded Friday, March 29 2016 at the KTGA office, Shanghai.
Incidental music by VisualVerbal. Used under Creative Commons.
This episode, martial arts and fitness expert Wu Fei talks to host Adam Skuse about her company Body Mind Soul Asia, which offers fitness training incorporating wu shu, yoga and tai chi.
Fei got into martial arts when she was six, at first attracted by the colourful outfits. However, it was not long before her passion for the sport became more than superficial and she was regularly winning national tournaments.
During the chat, Fei talks about how her competitive spirit and the support of her parents gave her the basis to achieve her dreams, and how building a personal connection with her clients keeps her motivated.
Click here to visit the Bodymindsoul Asia website.
Recorded Friday, February 19 2016 at Anken Life, Shanghai.
Incidental music by Filippo Codone. Used under Creative Commons.
Lucy Landaeta left her home in Venezuela and a promising career as an architect to pursue her dream of becoming a photographer in New York city.
After four years that saw her study with some of that city’s finest practitioners and set up her own successful business, Lucy hopped continents again in 2012 to make Shanghai her home.
Since then, Lucy has made a name for herself as a specialist in wedding and fine arts photography, and is one of three founders of studio Shanghai in Focus.
Host Adam Skuse caught up with Lucy in her studio, where she talked about finding the nerve to follow your dreams, the importance of professional and personal relationships, and how a little bit of Zumba can go a long way in keeping your spirits up.
Click here to visit the Shanghai in Focus website.
Recorded Wednesday, February 3 2016 at the Shanghai in Focus studio.
Alex Mok and Briar Hickling met while working at a large architecture firm in Shanghai. Recognising they were kindred spirits in their creative approach and sensibilitiy, they decided to set up Linehouse in 2013.
Since then they’ve been featured in magazines, won awards, and have been responsible for many innovative, functional spaces in Shanghai and beyond.
Host Adam Skuse spoke with Alex and Briar about how striking out on their own has led them to creative freedom, fulfilment and international recognition
Click here to visit the Linehouse website.
Recorded Tuesday, February 9 2016 at the Linehouse offices in Shanghai.
The music for this episode is 'Mystify Your Mind' by Night Beats. Used under Creative Commons.
Shanghai 247 started life as a single-celled alternative music and entertainment blog, and has since evolved into a multi-tendrilled complex organism whose higher functions include ticket sales, customer service and business consultancy
Its founders, Greig Charlton and Anna Bennett, recently spoke to host Adam Skuse about how they nurtured their creation through its growing pains to become the multi-faceted and successful little beastie that it is today.
They talked about finding new business ideas through serendipity, the creeping realisation of responsibility, and how hard work, self belief and a little alcohol pay dividends. There's also some stuff about ponies. Click here to visit one of Shanghai 247's many websites.
Recorded February 5, 2016 at the Shanghai 247 offices.
The indubitably indomitable duo of Michele Aboro and Yilan Yuen opened boxing gym Aboro Academy in Shanghai in early 2014.
Michele is an undefeated world champion in boxing and kickboxing who hung up her gloves in 2002 to pursue a career in sound engineering.
After she and fine art photographer Yilan visited Shanghai, Michele got into coaching commercially. It was not long before the pair decided to take the unique training program they had developed to Shanghai.
In this episode, Michele and Yilan talk with host Adam Skuse about capitalising on your strengths, being open to new ideas, and why seeing bad technique in the gym makes Michele want to vomit.
Click here to visit the Aboro Academy website.
Recorded January 15, 2016 at Anken Life, Shanghai.
Full disclosure: the host is a member of the gym. That's how he got so strong and muscley.
David Westwood of Westwood Ales comes from a family of entrepreneurs. He learned the basics of business as a schoolboy by selling flowers to his teachers, and getting stiffed on the profits by his sole investor - his dad.
David later came to China and continued in the entrepreneurial vein, with ventures that included selling house plants and establishing an education company.
That was before he and his brother, James, found the idea for Westwood Ales at the bottom of a glass of homebrew beer.
In this episode of Best Laid Plans, David talks to host Adam Skuse about the highs and lows of his adventures in brewing, and gives some great advice on branding, crisis management and the importance of committing to your goals.

Read more about Westwood Ales at their website and their Facebook page.

December 18, 2015

Ep. 2 - Ox @ Shanghai Bakery

Harauld Sextus, better known as Ox, spends his days coming up with palate-pillaging flavour combinations at Shanghai Bakery, the one-man baking band that he set up earlier this year.
An artist, videographer and self-confessed Jack of all trades, you won’t find anyone more passionate about their craft than Ox. He takes a philosophical approach to his business, putting self improvement and authenticity far above the bottom line. 
Ox is also a fantastic talker, especially when it comes to food. Such is his enthusiasm, he can make anything sound appetising, from the lowliest almond croissant to the unlikeliest doughnut-and-octopus combo.
Follow Shanghai Bakery on WeChat: SHBakery.
Here's the Time Out listing so you can pay a visit.

Recorded November 27 at an undisclosed cafe in Shanghai.
'Song for the Biotic Baking' by David Rovics. Used under Creative Commons.
Theme from 'Behind the Green Door' used without permission.
Anna Elliot and Dylan Byrne opened Shanghai's first traditional barbershop, Doc Guthrie's, in early 2015. Since then they've been serving up a classic blend of whiskers and whiskey in a setting that oozes style and substance. They recently chatted with Adam Skuse about their experiences setting up shop in a story that covers unscrupulous builders, conflict resolution China style, and research junkets to Hong Kong. 
Visit the Doc Guthrie's website and Facebook page.
Follow @DocGuthries on Twitter.
Recorded 25 November, 2015 at Doc Guthrie's Barbershop, Kangding Road, Shanghai.
'Audobon Raceway' by The Transits / Paul Levinson. Used under Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0).